Family of four, which will be better? New launch vs resale?

Family of four, which will be better? New launch vs resale?
Family of four, which will be better? New launch vs resale?
Let’s be honest, any family would prefer to have a bigger home, especially for families with kids. With the rise in land pricing, it’s not hard to notice a distinct trend that’s happen in the current property market. With a similar budget, one will get to choose:- new launch smaller unit or a bigger old resale condo / HDB.
If you the one who prefer to stay in a newer home with less worries on the maintenance, we are here to show you how you can make your smaller unit looks bigger!
How To Transform A Small Living Room Into A Stylish Space With These Tricks
Create a cosy corner
Create your own nook just for you. To create your own corner of relaxation and luxury, all you need is two chairs or a three-seater sofa. Pick a low back sofa to have a higher ceiling. This will create more space in the room, making the room less cluttered.
The key thing to take note is you no longer need to have a 3+2+1 seater in the room. The design of the seater can also be of a different design and colour depending on individual taste and preference.
Minimalism is key
The less clutter, the better. Having minimal decor and accessories in your space will make it appear bigger. However, you can always have a contrasting statement piece of chesterfield sofa or colonial theme armchairs to have it stands out from the norm.
Dark is better
Home décor, furniture doesn't always have to be all light and bright; sometimes, dark colours are better. In fact, dark paint or decor can make your living room appear to be bigger by creating an expansive illusion.
1 How to rearrange the sofa, armchair, and furniture to create a more spacious ambience?
2 What kind of accessories can you create a layering effect to enhance the volume of the room?
3 How to utilise colour, shapes, rugs, lighting to induce shadow, bespoke feel within the space?
We have frequency private workshops to share useful tips in creating the space you always wanted. RSVP to participate!

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