Genuine Chesterfield Sofa: What You Need To Know

Genuine Chesterfield Sofa: What You Need To Know
​​Sofa. Statement. Chesterfield sofa. There is perhaps no other home décor accessory that stands out like it. The moment a guest enters your living room, their attention will almost instantly be drawn to the regal, plush seating set. Many experts consider a genuine Chesterfield sofa to be the centre piece of a physical space. You can build everything else around it.  

An Expression Of Your Style

The reason why so much value is assigned to a single piece of furniture is because of the timeless charisma it exudes. Classic even. Sophistication is another word that is quite often associated with the sofa set.

When you are in the market for one, you are not just buying furniture on which people can sit. You are expressing a side of your personality: One that says you are cool and suave. A genuine Chesterfield sofa meets all expectations placed on it. Without any compromise.

The most important takeaway is that a quality product makes an invaluable addition to your living space. Without a shadow of a doubt. Imagine you have just moved into a swanky new apartment. You are looking for that one piece of décor item that will have all your friends and relatives gushing over your fine taste. With a plush, luxurious, leather sofa right in the centre of your living space, you make a bold, albeit unforgettable statement.
Did you Know

A genuine Chesterfield sofa is much much more than a simple piece of furniture. Just like a character from your favourite mystery, the sofa carries a rich, intriguing past. A lineage that would make even some members of the Royal Family a bit jealous. We kid you not.

Let’s start with the name. The sofa acquired its interesting, almost aristocratic sounding name from a real aristocrat. Meet Lord Philip Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield. Like any refined man living in the 1700s, it was very very important for Lord Philip to be a proper gentleman. In order to cultivate the right behaviour of a gentlemen, he refined his ideas through writing and an acute interest in politics. The lord was quite admired for his abilities.

One fine day, he commissioned a piece of furniture that would not wrinkle his suit when he sat. This is how the first genuine Chesterfield sofa was created. The makers had to be careful that everything about it was prim and proper, just like the lord himself. Only the finest leather was used with handcrafted stitching and precise nail trimmings.

With such a regal beginning, you would imagine that the sofa was an instant hit among high class society. But it took until the lord’s passing away before the English aristocracy finally discovered the Chesterfield sofa. The lord’s godson, Mr Dayrolles, started exhibiting the sofa to all of his guests. Soon after, almost every upper class household had one in their living room.
The Chesterfield has had quite the journey from aristocratic England to modern day homes throughout the world. It has graced the palaces of British monarchs such as Queen Victoria. And it has been a source of inspiration for some of the greatest thinkers such as Sigmund Freud.

Today you can find a genuine Chesterfield sofa in the house of the rich and famous as well as swanky restaurants and bars. Even budget-conscious consumers are slowly realizing the value and prestige the sofa set can bring to their homes. 

Fake Versus Real

We live in an age where any sophisticated, premium brand can be cloned and copied: the Jimmy Choos, Dolce & Gabannas, and Apple. Yes, even the most valuable brand in the world has had to battle fake knockoffs. The same can be said about the Chesterfield sofa.

Just because a sofa carries the name, it does not make the set a genuine product. In fact, you will find many a brand and many a manufacturer peddling furniture that sometimes doesn’t even look like the real deal. The sad part is that they even get away with it. Most of us are not aware of what constitutes a genuine product and what makes a fake.

What Makes A Genuine Chesterfield Sofa

There are two distinguishing characters that separate the fake from the genuine. The first detail is the curve pattern on the sofa. A genuine Chesterfield sofa is always, always, hand tufted. The entire set is assembled with human hands that create a somewhat unique curve pattern on each sofa. You could say that the pattern is never repeated. In other words, the signature nail trimmed effect is unique to each product, adding character and personality.

The same cannot be said of fake copies. They use button clips and nails to create  the signature button effect. This only leads to a monotonous curve pattern. The sofas look like they have been mass produced. It is really disappointing that even pieces made in England now a days start using clips just to cut cost. 

The easiest way to spot a fake is to check the curve pattern. If they feel too uniform, chances are that you are looking at a mass production rather than a genuine item. Stay away from these products. The price may be tempting but they are not worth it.
The second point of differentiation is full grain leather. When genuine leather is used in the upholstery process, it elevates the style and sophistication of the furniture. The same is true of the Chesterfield sofa. The question then is what is full grain leather?
In simple terms, leather that remains unaltered from its natural form is full grain. There is a certain richness, texture, and colour to the material that cannot be found in cheaper material. Genuine full grain contains the strongest fibres and has enough space between the fibres to dispel moisture. What this means is a durable product that lasts longer than the rest. Full grain also ages better than the other products, developing the patina effect after regular use. Most leather furniture in England now uses embossed grain leather, its like a leather with thick layer of synthetic on the surface. Being synthetic, are there still character on the signature sofa?

A genuine Chesterfield sofa made with genuine full grain leather will develop a worn in look and will never be worn out.
The Dangers Of Fake   

There are times when the price point dictates our buying decision. Even when we know that the product may not be the real deal. Most times the lower price point may only result in a short shelf life for the product. But not in the case of a Chesterfield sofa.
A fake, cheaper product may not only ruin the décor of your house, it can also cause physical injury. Where the original product has metal studs hammered into the armrest one at a time, the cheaper versions use linked chain studs. This process enables the manufacturer or brand to drastically cut cost and production time. The end result is a drop in the price point, the side effect however are the sharp edges of the links. You may very well just sit back and lounge, only to have your arm scratched, or worse, cut by the sharp edges.

A genuine Chesterfield sofa will never present such an issue. You can expect only the very best in luxury and comfort with the real product. Another issue with a cheap knock off is the discomfort it may cause your skin. When you sit on plush leather, your skin is well taken care of. You will hardly experience any irritation or sweating even with prolonged sitting. 

Online Versus Retail – Where To Buy   

We live in a digital age; an age where you can order things with a simple tap on your smartphone. Why not do the same with a Chesterfield sofa? You will certainly find tempting deals and bargain price points. This will not be a wise decision.
What you see online may not be the product delivered to your doorstep. Manufacturers and brands can very easily manipulate the product images. You may think you are purchasing a genuine Chesterfield sofa when in fact you may be purchasing a cheap knock off. The seller may very well be using images from a renowned supplier and passing it off as their very own, with no relation to the product.

Purchasing a Chesterfield is not like buying an Ikea product. You need to feel it, experience it, even sit on it to fully understand if the product is genuine or not. Online stores may excel in offering discounts but they can never replicate the real world experience of the product. The same holds true for a genuine Chesterfield sofa. The best buying decision you can make is to check it out at an actual brick and mortar store before making up your mind.  


When it comes to décor, a genuine Chesterfield sofa is like the Ace of the pack. Few pieces of furniture can bestow character, personality, and sophistication to a physical space like the sofa set. Owning one is a near instant guarantee of portraying a cool, suave personality.

The Chesterfield is also a genuine piece of furniture that you can use for a very long time. The comfort it provides can sometimes be overshadowed by all the style and aesthetic. You can unwind and relax, forgetting the day’s stress.  

The Chesterfield sofa is indeed a timeless classic. 

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Redefining space, there is perhaps no other home decor that stands out like this.