Why owners create a whisky lounge right in their office?

Why owners create a whisky lounge right in their office?
Headline: Bro. Reno completed and ready to Go
Wow this place looked revamped after everything is in place. We asked the client, why do you want to create this lounge right beside the office? Why not have a meeting room table where clients can see PowerPoint, proposal and discussion on? It will be much professional and corporate.
Well you see, our clients already know us after many years of engagement. Well are more like friends and we are there to support them. We often golf together, we are more friends than associates. I want to create a lounge that we can still have proper discussion but yet in a more personal manner. They trust us that we will deliver what we promised, they know we can. Rather than trying to impress them with our deco, its more like curating a nice corner when we catch up and follow through the checklist for the projects. We worked really hard for our clients, often beyond contractual obligation, but we enjoy what we do, and we are happy to be part of the team. After a day at site, under scorching sun and thunderstorms, isn't it worthwhile to catch my breath in my own private retreat before heading back home and spend time with my family? Just some quiet moment for myself.
This particular client is one of the gentleman we ever had. He called for a fast delivery which we are unable to allocate a team to deliver the 250kg bar trunk, he volunteered his company truck with tailgate just to help us, everything went smoothly and swiftly after. Grateful for the opportunity for us to be there when you host.

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