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LH506 Full Leather Chesterfield Sofa From 3S To Modular L Shape Configuration

LH506 Union Jack Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa
$2480, more than 70% Off! RP:$8900


LH677 SOHO Size Chesterfield Armchair
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​Locus Habitat
Always wanted that luxurious leather couch for your home? Locus Habitat had a wide array for you to choose from. There are different types of leather to suit your preference when it comes to that fine leather couch - hand-rubbed, full grained or distressed. When choosing leather furniture, pick leather hides originated from America. Look out for the natural characteristics of the leather such as scars, veining, wrinkles and the natural grain pattern on the hides. These are marks of highest quality genuine leather.

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* Space planning - Do you know there is a difference between visual and useable space planning?
* Decoration - Having feature wall, furniture is never sufficient to create the look and feel you seen in the magazine. What make the difference? 
* Light Design - We are not talking about the physical design of the lamps but using lighting to create the ambience you always wanted. Speak to us to find out more!  

LH1907 Modern Fabric 3 Seater Sofa
$1980, more than 70% Off! RP:$8900

LH1440 Modern Full Grain Leather 3 Seater Sofa
$4500, more than 50% Off! RP:$9800

​LH1440 3 seater sofa is exceptional modern and sleek, classic yet minimalist. Instead of the usual button effect which most design offers, LH1440 is toying with a pulled point effect on the seating and back/side cushion. Without separate seat cushions, the secured pulled point effect gave extra firmness and security to the user. We had customer placing them in colonial houses and the fusion of modern and old blends in perfectly. 

 LH1066 Modern Full Grain Leather 3 Seater Sofa (Soft and Fluffy seating)
$4500, more than 50% Off! RP:$9100

Designed with an architect's eye, our perfectly proportioned sofa is clean, crisp and, of course, ultra comfortable. Inspired by 1930s French design, our reinterpretation includes a plush-slung, inviting seat. 

LH055 Antique Trunk Coffee Table 
$2800, more than 30% Off! RP:$4400

Genuine Solid Russian Oak Table

S$3800, 70% OFF! RP$12800
LH-PAR Dining Table, Solid Oak Wood (180x90cm)

S$900, 85% OFF! RP$6500
LH-P Dining Table, Solid Oak Wood (180x90cm)

​Full Genuine Leather Chesterfield Sofa
 30% OFF! RP$7100
LH502 Chesterfield Sofa, Full Genuine Leather (210x92cm)

Yellow Chesterfield Sofa
Chesterfield Sofa from Europe at Locus Habitat

Toughest Full Grain Buffalo Leather


​Ultimate Leather Care

Leather Beeswax

Leather Beeswax
PreserveProtect, and Restore

Natural leather beeswax conditioning oils (for full grain genuine leather only)

Ultimate Leather Restorer

​Ultimate Leather Restorer
Restore beyond moisturizing
The restorer has been designed to seal and protects leather surface. 

Ezcare Rugs
​Ultra lightweight . Super Comfy . Easy Wash . Easy Dry
​​Finally! A spill-proof, washable rug that actually works! Price from $80 after discount!

Vintage Rugs Carpet

And many more clearance models available!
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