Modern Series

Sublime minimalism meets supreme fluffy comfort in our Modern collection. Clean lines and a streamlined silhouette define its architectural attitude, while sumptuously padded cushions play plush counterpoint. The modernist, mid-slung profile and sleek track arms invite lounging.

Collection Series

Classic Series

Investing in the Chesterfield Sofa is tantamount to investing in
classic, timeless furniture with a modern touch. The frame wood for each
furniture is hand-picked, cut, assembled and bolted for perfection and
durability. That is why we claim that the Locus Habitat’s Chesterfield
sofa is a mix of the modern and classical, with timeless elegance and

Whiskey Series

Decked out in warm woods and worn bespoke leather couches, the
"traditional-inspired whisky sipping lounge" gives exclusive man's cave
access to fine bottles from all over the world, like a Yamazaki 18-year
and a Bushmills 1608 Anniversary Edition.

Bison Series

If traditionally tanned leather is considered the ultimate symbol of class and luxury, our Bison series will be legendary. Bison leather averages 40% more tensile strength than traditional cow hide leather, making it an excellent alternative. If you need something indestructible, insist on Bison. Handcrafted in Europe.