ALBANY LH053A brown unique coffee table


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 138L*87D*47H (CM)


Antique chests call to mind the luggage once used by rail or ocean voyagers.

Handmade of brushed steel or genuine leather over a solid wood frame Accented with over thousands of hand-hammered brass nailheads Canvas-lined drawers offer ample storage Features a functional lid (optional) Leather-bound corner brackets, leather-wrapped handles, oak slats with a tobacco finish and cast-metal antiqued hardware No two are exactly alike, making each trunk truly unique.

Louis Vuitton Malletier was founded in 1821 an age of vast imperialist expansion. With the introduction of steamships and railroads, travel was suddenly easily accessible for the masses and allowed for safer and more comfortable journeys. During the grandeur of the Second Empire, Vuitton became the personal box-maker and packer to the Empress of France, Eugénie de Montijo. Soon, Vuitton was designing for other elite and royal clients, a status that the brand has maintained until today. Our voyage collection classic trunk look brings back memories of the storage trunks used on those long sea voyages by our ancestors. The leather strip edges bound with exposed nail heads, combined with classic hardware is sure to bring the memories of what they had gone through to make us who we are today.

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