Prefer something better than what you seen at the Tan Boon Liat Building? Why not pop by Locus Habitat?

Prefer something better than what you seen at the Tan Boon Liat Building? Why not pop by Locus Habitat?

If you want a one-stop hub for home accessories and some of the best furniture stores in Singapore, this place in Outram is a must-visit. Unassuming on the outside, there’s all types of good furniture at the Tan Boon Liat Building, from Asian antiques and vintage furniture to Scandinavian contemporary furniture.

However, as the years goes by, when the place gotten popularity especially with the expat crowds, rental of the place had been creeping upward. It had come to a point where many furniture companies had decided to shift out of the building to find for alternative without compromising quality with the same price tag.

Locus Habitat will be an ideal place to start with if you are a big fan of full grain leather furniture like sofa and armchair. Being around for almost 20 years, they had established themselves as the go to leather furniture boutique in Singapore.

Locus Habitat offers a wide range of leather sofas and armchairs. They are no ordinary leather furniture that you can easily find in Singapore furniture stores.

The boutique itself offers full grain leather furniture. While many leather available in Singapore are man made embossed grain leather, full grain leather aged well over time. This is the only grade of leather that forms patina. Over the years, the leather couches will conform to the user’s personal taste and seating posture. They’ll literally grow with you.

Other than leather sofa and armchair, Locus Habitat are the perfect choice when it comes to luxurious velvet grand classic design. Our wide range from modern classic to traditional grand high back wing chairs will offer a visual and deep comfortable seating posture. Our velvet fabric are specially customized to our local preference which is easier to tender and provide a cooling sensation with touch. What more, the fabric is reflective, making it glow in both under the sunlight as well as decorative lights.

Not to forget about latest range of Bison hide leather furniture. Bison hide are uniquely different as compared to the usual cow hide. While cow hide full grain leather are traditionally tanned with the evergreen leather type like traditional wax oil leather and pulled up, Bison leather are the modern version of the traditional history. Bison leather are all hand dye and genetically, they are much tougher than the traditional cow hide. Bison will be a very popular alternative for family and individuals who own pets and kids. Singapore is located next to the equator, making us the one of the countries with the higher ultraviolet rays on earth. Fortunately, Bison leather are UV resistance and is able to withstand the tension from pets and kids without worrying about the maintenance. If you need something that’s near indestructible, also go for Bison.

In conclusion, always go for the products that you like personally, do not be biased by the location or the brand of the furniture to perceive that its of the highest possible quality and style.

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